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24 Jul 2017

Some GPS Tracking Devices To Choose From When Considering GPS For Children


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Posted By Todd S.

Many parents these days are searching for GPS for children. They are increasingly turning to technology to help them keep tabs on their kids of all ages. Most will turn to the internet to find the right device. But how can they sift through the junk to get to the right GPS tracking system? The best way for them to do this is to educate themselves on what GPS tracking devices are out there. From GPS cell phones to GPS locators in pieces of clothing, GPS devices range from the open and conspicuous to the hidden and silent. What is more is that many of these devices have two uses (dual use) and thus serve two purposes at once.

One of the most out in the open devices there is are GPS locator watches. Two of these types of GPS devices are Chitter Chatter and Wherify. Chitter Chatter one of the smallest GPS devices in the world. It resembles a wrist watch and is generally regarded to be accurate to within 300 feet. The Wherify GPS Locator Watch is, as its name suggests, a watch. However this GPS watch is resistant to water and resistant to cuts. The watch can contact emergency authorities as well as the parents if two outer buttons on the watch are held down. A very nice additional feature of this particular GPS device is that it prevents someone from removing it when its owner does not wish it. With these such devices, all a parent need to do is to log into the monitoring website and with as few mouse clicks, they can find their child.

Not to be outdone, some wireless service providers are also offering their own take on GPS tracking systems. Verizon has a monitoring service utilizing the GPS locator embedded in a cell phone. The Verizon service is called Chaperone. Sprint also has a service which is called Family Locator. One of the biggest differences between Chaperone and Family Locator is that while the Chaperone service may only be used with Verizon supplied cell phones, Family Locator can be used with any web capable phone.

Whether it is a GPS wrist watch or a GPS cell phone, these are some of more dual-use GPS tracking devices that parents can use to provide GPS for children. There are many others to choose from so parents should do as much research as they can before settling on the right GPS tracking system for their family.


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