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The Best CDs and DVDs for Entertaining Your Kids

Spring break is on its way and every parent across the nation is asking themselves how they will keep their children occupied and out of their hair for a whole week. Its not that they don't want to spend time with them, it's just that a week of bored kids is nothing short of horrifying.

  • 2 May 2017

Do Children Need Tutors in Kindergarten?

Many tutoring services advertise that they will tutor a child from Kindergarten to College. Your first response may be, does my child need tutoring, and he is only in Kindergarten. Not all children need help at this age, but it is when a child goes to school does a parent and child find out that a child may need help with simple math or even reading.

  • 7 Jun 2017
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25 May 2017
Posted By Xavier P.

To Make Your Kids More Successful, Teach Them Music!

Benefits of Music Education Shown to Include Leadership and Teamwork SkillsBesides being a sure way to become the life of the party, learning to play an instrument can make your children smarter, better adjusted, and better equipped to adopt a position of leadership in a diverse world. Some of the benefits of music education include the development of leadership and teamwork skills.The idea that music education makes children smarter isn't just our opinion.
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